Travelxp – India’s Window to the World

By Pickle  October 15, 2018
Travelxp – India’s Window to the World, Pickle Media

Targeting the global audience, Travelxp highlights the beauty and diversity of India making it a major contributor to upscaling India’s visibility in overseas markets. By Pavan R Chawla . Meet Travelxp at MIPCOM Stand No. P-1.C1

Over the last few years, aviation companies have spoilt Indian travelers with regular discounts and airfare sales across the year from lean period to peak holiday seasons. An upsurge is witnessed in the number of Indian travelers. They are seen travelling a lot within and outside the country. This evolution has taken place in stages, through different age groups and tiers of cities, but has happened. The concept of weekend getaways, staycations and short-hauls has added the new travelers in the segment. Travel has
indeed become a need in the last 10 years. Targeting the global audience, Travelxp highlights the beauty and diversity of India making it a major contributor to upscaling India’s visibility in overseas markets. The channel came to life in 2011 with this objective; cut to 2018, the English language channel is a brand in itself having reached over 92 million homes across the world.

The channel has successfully introduced 4K HDR technology — the next generation of high-definition content and is distributed in DTH / Cable TV / IPTV platform as a linear 24 hour television service in countries including United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany,
Netherlands, and Belgium etc.

Travelxp – India’s Window to the World, Pickle Media
Prashant Chothani, CMD & CEO of Travelxp

Prashant Chothani, CMD & CEO of Travelxp has led his passionate team which is churning content based on six main categories that appeal to viewers from all walks of life. Its high quality content – its soul, has therefore found a favorable position in the hearts of
travel connoisseurs the world over. The content strategy that is followed at Travelxp is based on the destinations, food, culture, nature, heritage and lifestyle.

A few popular destinations based content are City breaks, which inspires one to venture out and explore a huge range of locales. It seeks out new places, diverse cultures, exotic cuisines – everything a city has to offer. It will break the presumed definition of travel
by reveling in the rich history and culture of the places rather than visiting only popular sights.

Backpack is the story of a solo wanderer set out on a mission to figure out beauty, complexities and character of different places in the world. It is based on experiences, lessons and memories as the anchor explores the diversity of a country. The show is a
window seen through the eyes of a traveler thoroughly new to all that it has to offer.

One of the most popular shows on Travelxp is Thali – The Great Indian Meal that takes food and travel aficionados on a quest to explore the flavors and assortments of one of the most traditional fares of India – the Thali. Viewers can explore various aspects of food, ranging from street food to lost recipes and luxury cuisines in what is a great window to understand the culture of every region through the local and unique delicacies it has to offer.

Food Fact Fun is another great show for people who are always in a dilemma on reaching a place about what to see, what to do and what to eat. The show is a perfect mix of adventure while delving into the true essence of a destination through its food and facts
with some fun activities. It brings out the raw self of the city. Most recently, Travelxp launched “10 Days Cyprus” which showcases the unique and extraordinary Mediterranean
island nation. The show revolves around a traveler who visits a place in 10 Days, and covers all the exciting places.

In April this year, Travelxp launched on the Freeview platform, reaching nearly 99% of TV homes in the UK, which added a whopping nearly 16-million TV homes to the 75 million-plus TV homes that it reaches worldwide. Every television manufactured in the UK after
2008 includes an in-built Freeview tuner that enables it to receive channels from Freeview, which is operated by DTV Services Ltd, a joint venture between the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and transmitter operator Arqiva. It has also launched in Singapore last month, available with Chinese subtitles, and it is already available in half a million homes.

Travelxp – India’s Window to the World, Pickle Media
Nisha Chothani, Director – Travelxp

Nisha Chothani, Director – Travelxp, said, “The network intents to expand to at least 15 more countries by the end of 2019 fiscal, and Latin America is one of them. I am delighted to announce every new show that we introduce to global viewers, especially shows that capture India’s beauty. These shows have been created in the best Travelxp traditions of world-class mainstream travel content, shot in exquisite 4K and HD with multicultural hosts for immersive engagement.”

Prashant Chothani has been at the forefront in setting innovative business models and technology advances. An innovator, thinker and strategist, he has guided and mentored the team at his channel, the world’s leading travel TV channel, Travelxp, to launch the world’s first 4K HDR channel, Travelxp 4K, in North America, Europe, MENA & the Asia Pacific.

There is no other similar instance of any Indian Media & Broadcast leader having given the world any such great technological advancement in public broadcast or any other allied space.

Chothani has also helped the technology of 4K make enormous strides by helping refine and hone its development as part of the exclusive group — World 4K Forum. Chothani has received several prestigious international awards for innovation in Broadcast technology from the best global forums.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in all facets of the media and broadcast business, Chothani is co-founder of Travelxp Media Worldwide Limited, which owns and operates a global network of television channels. Travelxp, the world’s leading travel channel, has become a global brand, distributed to over 75 million homes worldwide.

Chothani is also CEO & co-founder of India’s leading music channel network with 4 channels — Music India, Sangeet Bangla, Sangeet Marathi and Sangeet Bhojpuri, under the Media Worldwide Network.

As mentioned above, Chothani has also earned high respect for having been a key evangelist of the Media & Entertainment space – from having played a key role in helping legalize cable TV operations in India way back in 1988, to creating an innovative business
model for promotion of film and music brands on television channels, to pioneering the launch of Travelxp HD, India’s First HD television channel in 2011, and more.

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