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By Pickle  April 3, 2024
Zee International Production, Pickle Media

Ser – S1 & S2

CAST: Bassam Kousa | Bassem Moughnieh | Dalya Khalil

Zee International Production, Pickle Media

‘Ser’ is an intriguing and fascinating series which has all the elements of sGenreense, romance, trust and betrayals, making it a perfect entertainment potboiler. The story traces the journey of a diligent detective Jad Harb, who goes through varied emotions while investigating one of the most complex cases of his career – the sudden disappearance of Amer Zahran, a renowned businessman.


CAST: Reham Hagag | Mohamed Kilani | Sheren | Yasser Aly Maher

Zee International Production, Pickle Media

An adaption of popular Indian series ‘Kareena Kareena’, Carmen, a beautiful young lady from Alexandria comes to Cairo looking for an opportunity to achieve her dreams of being famous and rich. While applying for a new job, Carmen lies a bit in order to win the position; soon enough she finds herself in need of a thousand other lies to cover for the first little one. Her “fabrications” cause many sarcastic & comic incidents.

Al Forsa Al Akheera

CAST: Darine Hamza | Mohammed Al Ahmed | Yazan Al Sayed

Zee International Production, Pickle Media

Two heart-broken individuals, after sharing their lives and magical moments of first marriage with their respective partners, are compelled by the circumstances to be bonded into the holy institution of marriage for a second time, albeit with each other. This is a story about a second chance at life and marriage and their journey from hereon.

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