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By Pickle  April 3, 2024
Zee Serials, Pickle Media


CAST: Nikki Sharma | Arjun Bijlani

Zee Serials, Pickle Media

The story revolves around Shakti, an orphan, who believes in mending and making broken things better with love and care & Shiv, who is a widower struggling to return to normal life. The show will be set in the holy city of Varanasi, a place rich in culture & traditions


CAST: Shabir Ahluwalia | Niharika Roy | Sambhabhana Mohanty

Zee Serials, Pickle Media

Mohan, a charming flute player, turns bitter after the death of his wife Tulsi. Radha, who has loved him since their childhood, decidesto bring back hope and happinessin his life.


CAST: Sriti Jha | Arjit Taneja

Zee Serials, Pickle Media

Set in Mumbai, the show unfolds the tale of Amruta, a middle-class Maharashtrian girl who cherishes the sanctity of love and marriage. She believes in trust and determination to make relationships thrive. In stark contrast, Virat, a flamboyant Punjabi boy from Delhi, scorned by a shattered marriage, casting doubt on the institution of marriage. Their unlikely love story, punctuated by economic disparities, unfolds against the backdrop of their opposing beliefs, challenging them to bridge their differences, mending their emotional wounds, and rewriting the definition of love and family.


CAST: Tanisha Mehta | Avinesh Reki | Monika Khanna

Zee Serials, Pickle Media

The heart of the story revolves around Heer’s unwavering determination and Ranjha’s relentless support for Heer, giving her the courage to confront injustice. The narrative highlights the strength of love, friendship, and inner fortitude as Heer faces challenging situations, ultimately becoming a symbol of resilience and empowerment.


CAST: Vedangi Kulkarni | Aditya Durve

Zee Serials, Pickle Media

An epic saga that defines the power of true love and shows how a resilient Savitri fights for her love and brings her husband, Satyavan, back from the clutches of death.

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