Shubham Yogi: The Dream Chaser

By Pickle  August 1, 2022
Shubham Yogi: The Dream Chaser, Pickle Media

Shubham Yogi‘s “Kachchey Limbu” is selected for Toronto Gala 2022. It is a sports film starring Radhika Madan (2018’s “Pataakha”) and Ayush Mehra, who is making his acting debut. The movie, which is set in Mumbai, centres on a pair of cricket-playing siblings who must choose between supporting their families and pursuing their dreams. All you wanted to know about Shubham Yogi.

  • Shubham Yogi practised law prior to entering the film profession as a director.
  • Shubham has a long list of credits, ranging from indie films like Glitch and Uninvited to box office hits like Barfi and Jagga Jasoos.
  • After leaving his employment at a law company, he relocated to Mumbai and worked briefly as a producer for a few episodes on Doordarshan as well as on the then-popular TV station Star One.
  • He acquired all of his filmmaking knowledge online. He would read through the old film school curricula that were available online and take in whatever he could. To comprehend the intricacies, complexities, and other aspects of the subject, he would watch a lot of movies.
  • Shubham, who excels at both writing and directing, has not yet decided which is his genuine vocation. They both appeal to him equally.
  • The young director began writing at an early age and kept doing it in the intention of one day sharing them with the world. He values telling thought-provoking tales.
  • It was a difficult decision for him to leave a well-paying position that offered comfort and ease and enter the competitive world of film. He had to have had a lot of courage to give up everything and pursue his aspirations.
  • He acknowledges that he has come to terms with the fact that his chosen occupation does not ensure a consistent monthly salary and that he has learned to be okay with that.
  • Shubham remembers that there were days and weeks when he used to constantly second-guess his choice. In retrospect, both of these decisions—moving to a new city in pursuit of his aspirations and choosing to do something for which he lacked formal schooling and training—were difficult, but they also shaped him into the person he is today.
  • He genuinely thinks that anything can be learned if you put in the effort. Furthermore, one can learn anything from anyplace, not just in schools or institutions.

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