Discreet Art Productions LLP

By Pickle  October 14, 2019
Discreet Art Productions LLP, Pickle Media

Animation Services & Co-production


Discreet Art is looking for animation service and co-production opportunities for feature films, TV series, DTH Videos, game art and mobile gaming. It has a studio based out of Hyderabad in India and robust team to handle multiple productions

It is an independent production company with interests in kids entertainment working on the digital platform for creating world class animation. It has expertise in 2D, 3D, VFX, Game Art and Mobile Games. The company is led by a team of professionals with over two decades of experience in handling theatrical productions, TV series, DTH programming, etc.


Script to Screen capabilities for theatrical, TV and other digital content creation


EMAIL : vishal@discreetarts.com

WEBSITE : http://www.discreetarts.com

Co-CEO : Vishal Dudeja, Srikanth Pottekula


  • Top Cat 2 Movie
  • The Wicked Flying
  • Monkeys Movie
  • Monster Island Movie
  • Top Cat 1 Movie
  • Barbie – DVD
  • Tarzan TV series
  • Adventures of Marco
  • Polo TV series
  • Lalaloopsy TV series
  • Wissper TV series
  • Tashi TV series

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