Dr Minstein

By Pickle  October 30, 2023
Dr Minstein, Pickle Media

2D animation|Kids|9-14 Yrs|2022|India

This film is an exciting fun filled, Adventurous journey in which 4 kid travel deep into the jungle, Brave dangerous situations like a terrible storm, Fatal quick sand furious water falls a cave of hungry Crocodiles, attack from thousand os venomous scorpions to save the jungle from a terrible disaster. During the Journey 4 kids learn about friendship, Team work, courage and happiness and even sendup teaching their teachers and parents a lesson.



Producer/S: Sunil Jawle
Director: Tamil Azhagan
Status: Completed
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Sales Contact at MIPCOM: +91 98845104670
Website: http://www.19thholestudios.com
Email: tamil@19thholestudios.com
Phone: +91 9347591060

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