Ek Chota Kent

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Ek Chota Kent, Pickle Media

Kids | 2022 | India

Ek Chota Kent is a Hindi spin-off of the popular channel All Babies Channel. Kent is an enthusiastic elephant who loves to go on quests, treasure hunts and adventures with his best friends Tim, Luke and Mumu, whilst he learns many interesting preschool concepts. Kent also enjoys singing classic nursery rhymes and popular songs! So join him and be a part of his fun and exciting journey.


Yoboho New Media Pvt Ltd

Producer: Yoboho
Director: Yoboho
Status: Completed and in continuous production
Sales Rights: Global
Website: http://www.yoboho.com
Email: licensing@yoboho.com
Phone: 09892100750

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