Kabuliwala – Man From Kabul by Paperboat Design Studios

By Pickle  September 14, 2020
Kabuliwala – Man From Kabul by Paperboat Design Studios, Pickle Media

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Kabuliwala – Man From Kabul

Mini is always living in a dream world. Her reality, however, is quite different. Her parents are preoccupied with work and they can hardly give any time to Mini leaving her with no option but to play with her dreary dolls. In a chance encounter, she meets a big burly dry-fruit seller from Kabul. Initially she is intimidated by his appearance but his brilliantly mirrored shoulder bag fascinates her and when he magically pulls out a gorgeous Arabian horse from it, little Mini is mesmerised. Soon she realizes that Kabuliwala, a refugee having relocated to Kolkata, carries the most astonishing stories in his bag. Fascinating stories from far away lands – of courage, of compassion, wit and ingenuity. An intimate bond develops between the two and the most unlikely friends become inseparable. Then, a devastating accident separates them for 15 years. When they reunite, Mini comes to know of Kabuliwala’s tragic past – of incessant wars and his daughter Amina. Based on Tagore’s classic short story, this animated film, underlines that beyond geographical boundaries, religion, race and culture, the true essence of our existence is shared humanity – a thought that is most essential in today’s world of rising conflicts.

75 MIN
Animation Feature


Producer: Paperboat Design Studios

Director: Soumitra Ranade

Budget: 4 Million USD

Studio: Paperboat Design Studios

Trailer link: http://www.vimeo.com/221087621

Email: soumitra@paperboatstudios.co

Phone: +91 9821070395

Website: http://www.paperboatstudios.co

Paperboat Design Studios

Co-founded by Soumitra Ranade, Paperboat team have combined intelligence and innovation to design and deliver the finest expressions of quality. One of the top-class animation studios from India, who have also recently set-up a studio in Toronto

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