VedAtma Animation Studios

By Pickle  October 17, 2019
VedAtma Animation Studios, Pickle Media

Graphic/Web Design, Motion Graphics, 2D/3D Animation


To buy and sell live action/Animation content. Looking for co-productions. Also looking for funding/investors for IP development. Open for co-development of IPs

At its animation studio in Bengaluru, VedAtma produces content for movies, television series and advertisements, architecture, edutainment, medical, engineering, games, corporate presentations, internet, marketing & other multimedia needs. Its also produces our own IPs.

The studio is spearheaded by its founder CEO, B S Srinivas, a pioneer in introducing animation education in the country more than 20 years back and ably supported by Co-Founder & Managing Director, B S Sukanya. Their vision is to place our studio & country on the world map in the AVGC sector
for which the focus is on creating a new path in the realms of animation filmmaking.


  • *Graphic/Web Design
  • *Motion Graphics
  • *2D/3D Animation
  • *VFX/Roto
  • *Game Art Design/Development
  • *LIVE action/ animated Product/Service Advertisements
  • *e-learning videos



WEBSITE : http://www.vedatmaanimation. com

CEO : B S Srinivas


  • The game “ARI – The search for immortality” completed & published on Google play store.
  • 2D animated series “DAASA – The Fables” completed & available on DVDs across the globe on online platforms.
  • The 2D animated IP series “AETIUS – The Eagle Kid” in production phase.
  • Many other games & IPs under various stages.

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