Transforming Boundaries GAFX 2024’s Global Vision

By Pickle  February 4, 2024
Transforming Boundaries GAFX 2024’s Global Vision, Pickle Media

In a groundbreaking move, GAFX 2024 is transcending regional borders to position itself as a global powerhouse in Entertainment Technology. With a strategic vision, GAFX aims to attract companies from far beyond Bangalore, envisioning Karnataka as the epicenter of innovation in the industry. The 6th edition explores GAFX’s ambitious plan to elevate the state’s profile, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that propels Karnataka into the forefront of the Entertainment Technology space on the global stage

GAFX 2024:

10 Unmissable Experiences

GAFX 2024 promises an immersive experience for professionals, students, and enthusiasts in the Animation, VFX, and Gaming industries. Anticipate a dynamic blend of competitions, forums, and exhibitions showcasing the latest in digital and traditional art. Here are 10 highlights not to miss:

1. Record-breaking Attendance: 

Building on the success of last year, GAFX 2024 aims to surpass the 4500 daily attendees mark, providing an unparalleled networking opportunity.

2. Bengaluru GAFX B2B Forum: 

Witness the intersection of creativity and commerce as Bengaluru hosts a unique B2B forum, connecting IP owners, content creators, and production houses.

3. Digital Art Competition: 

Immerse yourself in a five-hour digital art extravaganza on January 31, 2024, where students and professionals compete for exciting prizes.

4. Traditional Art Competition: 

Celebrate the beauty of traditional art with competitions in painting and sculpting, featuring both students and professionals.

5. Sketch Alley and Sculpture Garden: 

Explore the vibrant world of sketching and sculpting in the picturesque Lalit Ashok Bengaluru gardens on January 29 and 30, 2024.

6. Premium Art Muses: 

Engage with Bengaluru’s premium experts in Flow arts, wellness, martial arts, modeling, and acting at Sketch Alley.

7. 3-Day Conference: 

Delve into the latest industry trends and insights with a comprehensive three-day conference tailored for both professionals and students.

8. Global Industry Connect: 

GAFX 2024 serves as a global platform, connecting AVGC companies, studios, and professionals, fostering collaboration and innovation.

9. AVGC Center of Excellence Showcase: 

Explore pioneering facilities and initiatives aligned with AVGC Policy 3.0, showcasing Karnataka as a hub for global AVGC leaders.

10. Know the Future of AVGC: 

Gain industry insights from thousands of attendees, hundreds of creative companies, live conferences, and industry-renowned panel speakers.

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