Butcher And The Goat

By Pickle  November 10, 2023
Butcher And The Goat, Pickle Media

2D Animated Comedy|6-11 Yrs|2024|India

Meet G.O.A.T., the wrestler everyone loves to hate. His relentless trash-talking led to a lifetime ban from wrestling and a flurry of lawsuits from outraged fans. Forced into a lifelong stint of community service, he became the undisputed “Most Hated of All Time,” with one exception—Leo Butcher, a sweet and innocent child who saw goodness in the unlikeliest of places. Despite G.O.A.T.’s scheming nature and shortcuts, Leo’s unwavering kindness began to thaw the wrestler’s icy heart. Through Leo’s eyes, G.O.A.T. glimpsed his lost innocence, prompting a transformative journey. Together, they embarked on various acts of kindness, from DJing at a retirement home to tackling the messy job of zoo animal cleanup. In Leo, G.O.A.T. discovered a chance for redemption, unearthing the potential for goodness even in the darkest of souls. This story uniquely explores a villain’s path to redemption, seen through the lens of a child’s unwavering belief in the power of kindness.


Prayan Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd

Producer: Prayan Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd
Director: Remesh Ram
Status: In Development
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Website: www.prayananimation.com
Email: info@prayananimation.com
Phone: +91 99479 58875

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