The Black Diamond Race

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
The Black Diamond Race, Pickle Media

Action | Adventure | Seeking Co Production Partner

A very wealthy and highly respected Maharaja who has a soft spotfor gambling,owns the famous Black Diamond. A mysterious Collector desperately wants the diamond at any cost, since the Maharaja WILL NOT SELL! He challenges the Maharaja to a car race across India, four cars per team..

The winner will be whoever drives the route in the shortest time possible. The Maharaja enlists his two kids, Raja and Ravi, studying in London, to find the four best cars in the world for his team.Thus begins anadventuresome search in Europe, crossing paths with the manufacturers and visionaries who made early car racing history. And we’re talking Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, Citroen and Mercedes.

Little does he know the Collector owns four futuristic car prototypes stolen from the best manufacturers around the world.


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