By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Chitta, Pickle Media

Drama | 10 Episodes | 40 min | 2 seasons | Seeking Co-Production Partners

It was in the late sixties that drugs crept into the world of the semi-urban and urban youth. In Punjab, young college kids graduated from drinking alcohol to consuming pills like mandrax. Delhi started getting influenced by the music and drug habits of the West. Along with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Doors came marijuana, pot, and LSD. The graduation to cocaine and heroin was a matter of time and today there is a serious epidemic of these and synthesized drugs. Users range from the very poor beggar to the very rich and famous. The problem was enhanced because of its use for cross border terrorism, internal disarray and the fueling of the Punjab and Kashmir crises. Chitta will, through the life of an upper-class addict, take us through the entire history of drugs from feudal Punjab to Hippie Delhi and in more recent times, the world of terror and the sordid state of current addicts. “Chitta” explores the rights and wrongs of all players, state and non-state.


ContentFlow Studios

Producer/S: Bobby Bedi
Status: In Development
Phone: +91-9810577795

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