Raaz Mahal – Dakini Ka Rahasya

By Pickle  October 28, 2023
Raaz Mahal – Dakini Ka Rahasya, Pickle Media

Fantasy|156 x 30’|2022|India

Once upon a time… An old woman was reciting a story to her granddaughter, Sunaina, about the legends of a King, Queen and their unborn child. The King and Queen lived together peacefully until the evil shadow of Chandralekha, a witch, wandered over their palace. She used her beauty and seductiveness to get royal blood, and the King fell prey. In the quest to attain royal blood for her immortality, she kills the King, while the Queen dies giving birth to a prince. A palace filled with secrets and danger every step of the way. And, Sunaina, blessed by Goddess Durga, comes face to face with the witch residing in the palace. The story takes us on a thrilling journey of Sunaina and how she rids the kingdom of the witch’s clutches. Be prepared to sit at the edge of your seats throughout this exciting story.



Producer/S: Shemaroo Entertainment
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Email: inderpal.singh@shemaroo.com
Phone: +91 9920156157

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