Sarcas Circa 2020

By Pickle  March 1, 2021
Sarcas Circa 2020, Pickle Media

Sarcas Circa 2020 (Drama)

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Status: Completed
Producer & Director: Vinu Kolichal
Writer: V Sudheesh Kumar, Vinu Kolichal
Sales Contact: +91 8606813877

After facing failure in almost every venture, Mr. F and Mr. J, two friends from a small town in Kerala embark on an adventurous journey to a nearby city. Mr. F receives a call from a stranger who persuades them to take up and finish a task. Sarcas Circa 2020 is a subjective take on how people with power lay out their connection with the ordinary people in the society and its manifestation in the lives of ordinary people we encounter in streets. Sarcas Circa 2020 captures and explores the experiences of the ordinary people and the uncertainties through which they oscillate between the known and the unknown.

Sarcas Circa 2020, Pickle Media

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