The Show Must Go On Jérôme Paillard

By Pickle  June 22, 2020
The Show Must Go On Jérôme Paillard, Pickle Media

Over 9500 delegates from 5700 companies have registered for the five-day virtual Cannes Film Market beginning June 22. This is the 61st Edition of Cannes Film Market (first online edition) bringing producers, sales agents, distributors, buyers for acquisition of films from over 130 countries

Cannes Marché du Film has successfully integrated the online Cannes Film Market as close to the physical market with a clarity on how delegates from across the world can navigate and click through various aspects of the world’s largest film market.

Jérôme Paillard, executive director of the Cannes Marché du Film in his recent address to Cannes Film Market delegates explained how registered
particpants can navigate different parts of the Marché’s virtual meeting
place: Sales Agents, Cinemas, Institutions, Cannes Docs, Cannes XR,
Conference Programs, and the Petit Majestic (networking place and online
concerts/music shows).

“This year’s event looks different, but the spirit of the Cannes Film Market continues to be business as usual,” said Paillard. “Cannes market delegates are virtually present from every corner of the world for this unprecedented event, where we continue share emotions and ideas, to sell, buy and produce films”.

“Now is the time to engage and collaborate about the future of cinema, and do business again. Human connection is the driving force behind the magic of the Marché du Film. We have designed a fully immersive VR experience for delegates, where you can work and connect as if you are in Cannes,” explained Paillard.

“Now more than ever before, the world needs powerful stories, to reach audiences, and Cannes is ready to help film projects get the right partner,”
stated Paillard

“We hope this event will bring energy back to the film industry and inspire optimism and courage to bring the new era of film production and distribution”.

“The show must go on. May the spark of virtual madness be the spark of change we all need right now.” said Paillard in an optimistic tone.

Over five days, around 150 events, panels, keynotes, speed meetings and round-table discussions, as well as exclusive concerts of film scores from renowned soundtrack composers are in store.

Cannes Film Market will screen over two dozen films from 2020 Cannes Official Selections in the market (sales agents will have the discretion to give access to buyers for viewing during the market).

According to Marché du Film, over 60 institutions representing film commissions, country pavilions and film agencies have confirmed participation at the Cannes Virtual Market.

Majority of the countries who are normally present at physical Village
International have set up online booths at the market. Institutions have designed their own national pavilion web page and promote activities, conferences, screen films, do one-to-one meetings and use the Cinando Networking Platform tools.

Over 850 film producers are part of the Producers Network this year. The
presenting partner countries at the Producers Network in Cannes Online
Market 2020 are British Film Institute (United Kingdom), Cinema Chile
(Chile), Dirección del Cine y Audiovisual Nacional – ICAU (Uruguay), National Film Center of Latvia (Latvia) and Ukrainian Film Institute (Ukraine). The Producers Network is the go-to place for producers for meetings and is specifically designed to create opportunities to build
peer network and get international co-production projects off the ground.
The criteria for access to Producers Network is that a producer should have
done at least one feature film with a commercial release within the past three years.

Registered delegates will have access to Marché’s digital Welcome Bag,
where you can find schedules, trailers, brochures and conference schedules. In the Marché’s home page there is also drop down menu for press rack, where online versions of trade publications (including Pickle) and dailies will be uploaded.

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