Amit Khanna is a Treasure Trove of Anecdotes

By Pickle  December 18, 2019
Amit Khanna is a Treasure Trove of Anecdotes, Pickle Media

WITH LOVE FROM SISTER – Interview with Namita Pradhan

Having led a successful professional life in the Indian media and entertainment industry for five decades, we know Amit Khanna as an industry veteran, an avid songwriter and an opinionmaker, who wore many hats to chart the course of several important organizations in the country. But few know about his close relationship with his family or what he likes to do when he’s not making films or writing. Namita Pradhan, sister of Amit Khanna spoke to Poornima Bajwa Sharma.

From starting his career as an executive producer to making award-making films, setting up media channels, chairing various organizations and now penning down a book, Amit Khanna has had a remarkable five-decadelong run in the industry. How will you describe his journey?

Amit has always followed his passion. Right from the beginning of his career, he was ahead of his times and generation. He would feel comfortable in the company of people much older than him and still held his own amongst them. While his professional journey has been meteoric, he has always had close connections with the family and would always make himself available to us in all times of need.

We know the enigmatic man who has had a successful professional life. Tell us more about Amit Khanna’s lesser-known side.

Amit is super sensitive about his family relationships and takes his responsibilities very seriously. We used to live in a joint family in a big home in Lutyens Delhi at Hailey Road. We were, and still are, a closeknit family of uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews though now spread out much beyond Delhi. And he still brings the entire family together a couple of times in a year, which we all look forward to. He loves to tell a story, or recite a couplet at family gatherings and is a treasure trove of anecdotes.

Can you share some special anecdotes from your childhood that are still fresh in your memory?

There are so many of them. He was always super protective towards not just me but all our cousin sisters. Our grandparents and parents had a great influence on us as we were growing up. He was close to them.

Tell us three things that no one knows about Amit Khanna.

Amit is a great dog lover. He also donates regularly to charity and is a stickler for rules which makes him extremely law-abiding.

Apart from movies and books, what are his hobbies?

He has varied interests in just about everything. But besides movies and writing, he also loves to cook.

Amit Khanna was the first person in your family who decided to join the media and entertainment sector in the 1970s when everyone aspired to become an IAS officer. How do you feel about his decision?

We are all extremely proud. We were then, and are more so, now.

Amit Khanna is a foodie. Any special dish that you love to cook for him which he likes?

He’s a better cook than me (laughs). He loves our traditional ‘Khatri food.’ But of late he has also started enjoying a slice of my sourdough bread.

Namita Pradhan, Ex. IAS officer, Ex Asst. Dir-Gen. WHO-35 years of
international and national civil service

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