Locomotive Films India

By Pickle  October 15, 2019
Locomotive Films India, Pickle Media

Series development, Co production, Distribution


Seeking potential partners for co production of scripted television series in India. Also working with potential partners who are interested in erecting content services, streaming and TV platforms for India market

Locomotive Global Inc. (LGI), a holding company founded with its investors in 2013. LGI’s primary focus is to incubate and launch new India oriented businesses. LGI’s activities in India include involvement and investment into companies active in film and television development and production, programming sales and distribution, Quick Service Restaurants, and social media apps. LGI works in close association with Anderson Media Group, based in Los Angeles, on all media and entertainment oriented activities.


Series development, co production, distribution; platform and content services business development, expansion, consultation, financing.


EMAIL : sunder@locomotivefilms.com

PARTNER : Sunder S. Aaron

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